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An easy way to earn money

Earning money at the Internet by an easy and simple way, all you have to do is to click the ads in the view or surf ads page, each advertisement you will click and stay for 30 seconds, and once the 30 seconds are completed, you will earn the money it will credit automatically into your account.

Each time you click, you will earn $0.01 that is immediately placed in your balance, if you have referrals, you will earn from them too, and these websites will pay you $0.01 for your direct click on each of their advertisement and pay $0.005 for your direct referral click on each of their advertisement.

If you have made your 10 direct referrals you will get to be paid up to $0.20 by your 10 direct referrals on every day and $0.04 for your own direct clicks on advertisement, now if you calculate these amounts then you will get paid total $0.24 at every day and if you multiply this total with 30 days then you will get paid up to $7.20 after the, every month by only one website, and your two websites will make your earning to double.

Referrals are people who also join the similar website. When a referral of yours clicks an advertisement, you will also get money for their viewed advertisement, how much money you will get; it's depends on your membership.

You can get two types of referrals: First, you have direct referrals; these are users who join the similar website by clicking on your referral link (you will found in the banners page) or users who put your name in the referrer field when signing up. You can also rent referrals. People who join the site with no referrer will be added to rent pool. This means that you can rent referrals for 1 month. All clicks they make in that month will also earn you money.

To earn from your referrals, you must click at least 4 ads at the previous day to earn from your referrals the next day.

For as paid users, you must click more to 4 ads at the previous to earn from your referrals at the following day.

These types of websites at present use Alertpay and Paypal for their payments; these are the payments methods that will most likely use.

Your payment will send to you instantly via two payment processors: Paypal or Alertpay. You may choose which one you would like the money send to you when you are ready to cash out.

In my case I have chosen the Alertpay because Paypal does not providing has services to Pakistan.